For Business

We support our partners with tailor-made services to meet their needs. Our style of planning and storytelling has made us the preferred choice for companies entering the restaurant business, as well as for business owners seeking a different approach.

Produce Consulting

Based on the know-how backed up by our track record of developing numerous directly managed shops, we provide optimal solutions that meet the challenges of our partners, from shop planning to execution, operation and management.

Restaurant Produce & Renewal

For the partners who want to start a restaurant business or want to update their restaurant, we support the creation of zero → one in shop management, from shop planning proposals to execution and staff training .

Restaurant management consignment, temporary staffing for special event shops

For restaurants that are worried about management and hiring staff , the staff of directly managed shops who know everything about the site will support them from the human resources side. We will realize higher-quality restaurant operations .

Food Hall and eating out plan in the park

For partners who want to open a cafe in a park or public space, or create an unprecedented dining floor in a commercial facility, our food-savvy staff will come up with the optimal plan to accompany the project.


We have creative teams based in Osaka and Tokyo. In addition to CI and VI production related to food and drink, we are in charge of a wide range of creative work such as design, photography, and illustration .

Graphic Design

We offer a wide range of services from business cards to pamphlets and signboards. We support branding with a consistent design.

Package Design

We propose designs that will make you want to pick them up in your hands for packaging and containers in general, including food, beverages, and daily necessities.

Logo Design

We will design a logo that will be the face of the shop or product, taking into account the concept and the thoughts of the partner.

Illustration & Character Design

We will create a touch illustration that matches the design and a character that will become a new mascot.


From product to scene shoots, we conduct more world-oriented shoots, including styling.


We support our clients in developing franchises in the most appropriate form for each region, focusing on regional and suburban areas, while maintaining the know-how of more than 50 directly managed shops in a wide variety of genres.

Food whole sale

As a bridge to deliver the “value that can only be found here” to customers, we provide high-quality, high-value-added ingredients and raw materials such as directly imported wines and oils, as well as directly managed brand retail food products, to mass retailers and wholesalers.

Food import/wholesale

We import and wholesale rare and valuable foodstuffs and beverages such as wine /sparkling from Spain, Italy and France, and olive oil/truffle oil from Italy.

Product planning

Utilizing the know-how unique to Operation Factory, we develop and wholesale New Year's products, ”Milk” and “Zhang Kee” from the popular directly managed shops of Operation Factory are wholesaled to mass retailers.